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Roars of Hurry
Roars of Hurry
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Today’s poem is inspired by a book I just finished called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer.

Thank you Melissa for recommending the book and choosing it for our Wednesday bible study.

Do you think about hurry?

I run to the mountains
to escape the roars 
of hurry—
A monster 
behind every tree 
red eyes stare   

Fixed to distract 
me from looking up
to the mighty pine trees 
stretching across the sky 

Dead set on dulling my senses 
until now—
the sweet smell 
of pine needles 
awakens me  

Determined to divert
me from the cushion 
beneath my feet
a refuge from the hustle. 

Yet I’ve come
I’ve seen
I’ve found rest 
for my soul 

A boom shakes the 
Insists on the noise 
the confusion 
the commotion of more 
the way to a better life.  

I begin to climb 
Slow and steady 
Embody the goodness
with each step   
The roar—
a faint memory 
What is the hurry? 
The quiet life is
my ambition here. 

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Run to Write

Run to Write Poetry

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