Running opens my heart

To awe and wonder of “All”

My “Soul” leaps with joy...

Thank you Jules for taking us on your evolving journey. I once ran by a Church on an early Sunday morning and the Priest was crossing the street to enter his sacred space and pray with the Congregation. He looked at me and commented that I should be praying and not running. I respectfully remarked, but “ I am praying with every footfall”. He, also a runner, smiled in response. Abraham Heschel believed that “awe and wonder” was the portal to belief and ultimately to G-d.” I agree. Running in “Creation” awakens my Soul. That makes each run “sacred”. And constantly reminds me we are all “holy” despite all prevailing evidence. One day we will stop killing each other and the animals and trees we walk the Earth with...That is my daily prayer.

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Sep 18Liked by Julie B. Hughes

I can no longer run, but I can walk. Your words are definitely an inspiration to me! Love you!!

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As a similar person of a "not so" different faith, running is definitely a spiritual practice of gratitude. The infinite blessings that allow us to run from the blood flowing, to the runners high, to 'not needing' to think about every step.. Whenever I'm done, I'm filled with gratitude that exceeds the pain of injury or tiredness or whichever I physically felt during that run..

Apart from that: I run because cancer and heart disease runs in the family, so I'm running out of fear hah! much love.

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