We listen to better understand

We listen to make space for conversation

We listen out of respect for our community

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May 5Liked by Julie B. Hughes

After reading your poetry, I thought of a truth I once heard. A wise man listens, a fool shouts. And also afterwards, I remembered the words someone said to me. A fool knows more than a wise man. The wise man doubts everything. Thank you for reminding me of these wonderful words.

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We listen because the one sharing her thoughts needs us to.

We listen because we care.


Julie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the glorious gift of the pdf download. So grateful!

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I am happy to “be here” and please feel free to use whatever you deem worthy now and in the future. I love your attitude toward this precious, all too short life.

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We listen because ... we don't know. I'm a big fan of so much but Chris Stapleton too. As he says, we listen because we want to understand ourselves and by default YOU.

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