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I am rain

Splashing on a window pane

Distorting colors, shapes of things

I am the shower April brings

I land upon

The dry, parched earth

That sucks me in

For all I'm worth

Into a root

I'm seeping, then

And travel up

Some winding stem

Into a rose,

Some nectar, I

Am lapped up by

A butterfly

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You are welcome!

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Jules, poets seems to be tuned in to a frequency the rest of humanity can’t dial into. I am glad you are showing the way. May your signal be picked up by many. Ever consider teaching poetry to youngsters who still are tuned in? Perhaps if exposed early to the utter beauty of poetry, they might retain that frequency as they get older. Enjoy your family weekend.....

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I am multitudes

Yes, Walt Whitman had it right

We are everything....

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