Who reads Run to Write?

Runners and folks looking for an extra boost of encouragement through poetry and stories. Let Run to Write be your weekday soundtrack to keep you showing up on your path.

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Join Run to Write and be a part of our free writing group. It’s a growing community that shares the love of running and/or writing together.

Who’s it for— Folks who want dedicated time each week to write. Folks who need accountability to keep their bottom in the chair—to do the thing they said they wanted to do.

What’s it for— Write together to support and encourage each other to keep writing, and to keep showing up.

We meet every Friday on zoom to write together. Come hang out with us for 30 minutes to write.

Write Together Friday on Zoom

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Transforming runs to words, one poem at a time.


Julie B. Hughes

Writer, poet, marathoner, self-published author, and licensed physical therapist—I live in Upstate New York with my husband Jeff and children Brindsley & Delaney. I look forward to connecting with you.