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Manufacture Sunshine™

Manufacture Sunshine™

Poem out loud inspired by The Focused Fight by Terri Tomoff

I don’t think it was a coincidence that I joined Writing In Community (WIC) and met Terri Tomoff. I read her book— The Focused Fight: A Childhood Cancer Journey: From Mayhem to Miracles in 2021 a few months before learning of my husband’s second cancer diagnosis. Her family’s story gave me hope and courage as my family now faced the dreaded C word once again.

She writes in her book to look for the nuggets of joy and to manufacture your sunshine each day. I took her words to heart as we confronted what the next year would bring. I was determined to not let my fear, my anxiety rule over our house.

I would pray— Please Lord, give me patience, strength, and courage in the months ahead. Open my eyes to your joy, peace, and love as we face this challenge. Help me learn how to dance with uncertainty.

Terri Tomoff’s book, The Focused Fight, inspired today’s poem out loud.

    Manufacture Sunshine™ (for Terri) 

My friend Terri 
is a light bringer 
She reminds me to 
look for the nuggets of joy
and to manufacture my
own sunshine.

A wise invitation 
as cancer has crept into our home 
a thief in the night 
yet we won't let it 
steal our joy 
Terri reminds me. 

I will keep my head up 
I will keep going
I will keep my light bright
for my children 
for my husband 
even during this terrible time.

I’m given another day 
to create 
to serve 
to manufacture sunshine™.

Thank you, Terri
for sharing your story—
The Focused Fight 
to help mine.

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