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Do change and growth hurt?

Do change and growth hurt?

Book recommendation and poem out loud

What are you currently reading?

I would love to share with you a recommendation by my new friend Gail Boenning. Her latest book—Poise brings us into her story of hope, grace, and resilience.

She offers beautiful questions to engage the reader and weaves in her "C" challenge with wisdom and wit. Her book is beautiful and a breath of fresh air.

On page 45 she concludes the chapter with this:

Do change and growth hurt? Or does our pain grow out of resistance to them?

Wow! I’ve been going back to this page, and this question over the last week. Today’s poem out loud is inspired by Gail’s generosity.

Thank you for writing this book Gail and sharing it with the world. I'm so grateful your book was recommended to me by Darin.

              Looking Back with Gratitude 

I have a 
ball of yarn.  
A tangled mess 
Do you want to see? 
I’m not afraid 
Come closer
The knots 
are still there
Yet now, 
I’m rolling Courage,
over the knots,  
weaving Curiosity 
around the kinks, 
spiraling Awareness
across the snarls
I’ve come a long way. 
Growing is a gift

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Grab Gail Boenning’s Book—Poise: Facing Cancer with Grace and Resilience at the link below. And to read Gail’s work check her out here on Substack


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