Run to Write
Run to Write Poetry
On the horizon...

On the horizon...

poem out loud

Runner Girl…1st attempt. EEK!


Melancholy run 
Clouds hide the sun  

Darkness creeps along the side 
Determined— I will not break my stride

Thought viruses want to spread 
I’m aware, shift my mind instead 

My vaccine is knowledge, curiosity  
I’m allowed to give myself generosity 

I will keep my eyes on the horizon 
I carry my own light, no need for compromisin’

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Run to Write
Run to Write Poetry
Welcome! Where Movement & Writing Meet. Listen in on Thursdays for a poem or story to energize, inspire, and get you moving. Hi, I'm Julie B. Hughes— a mother runner, poet, writer, licensed physical therapist, and self-published author. Thank you for being here and listening in.
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