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What “brain triumph” might you celebrate today?

What “brain triumph” might you celebrate today?

Poem out loud

Today’s poem out loud is inspired by an interaction I had with a stranger on the trail. She gave me the opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come. I believe in the importance of recognizing our brain triumphs— no matter how small.


The path 
Red, yellow, and orange 
Solitary run until 
I turn the bend 
Greeted by a four-legged
friend. He sniffs, darts, 
sprints here and there
Grins at me— 
exploring the trail. 

I spot his owner
Her long legs stroll 
Red jacket in view
I catch up to her
to share the news. 
Your dog is so sweet
And made me smile 
She grabs his collar 
clips on the leash...
“Oh, he’s trouble.”  
My smile fades 
What about a Thank you—
He’s no trouble from
what I could see. 
I ran onward
Why am I upset?  
Curiosity shines through 

Remember the old Julie... 
brushed off a compliment
dodged it like a bullet—
I was feeding 
the wrong wolf. 
Grateful for this interaction
For now, I truly see 
Compliments are a 
blessing, a joy
to give 
to receive. 

What “brain triumph” might you celebrate today?

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Run to Write
Run to Write Poetry
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