Run to Write
Run to Write
Kick up the leaves

Kick up the leaves

Poem out loud
                 Kick Up the Leaves 

Here I come!  
My legs kick
Up yellow, red,
and golden leaves
Gentle swish 
under my feet   
calms my soul—
Enthusiasm peeks 
out through the 
What a morning!
My eyes scan the
dirt path—
Slow Down! 
My hand scoops
up a giant 
Maple leaf
We embrace the
last mile together 
Inspired to create
something new.  

“You can make anything by writing.”

—C.S. Lewis

Write together Friday is tomorrow. I’ll open the room at 11 a.m. (EST) and be there until noon. Please feel free to invite a friend. Click the button below to join.

Write together Friday

Giant Maple— magnificent discovery

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Run to Write
Run to Write
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